Control [Ctrl] Your Health.

Quick question…Do you have control over your life?

You choose to get out of bed when your alarm clock goes off OR you choose to hit the snooze button. You choose to go to work or you choose not go to. You choose to order the fast food burger with fries and sometimes you choose not to. So, do you have control over your life?

This question can be met with a variety of answers and for this blog and for my life, my answer is YES!

Of course you have control over your life!

Many people believe that we don’t have the ability to control our lives due to the “circumstances” of life, but when it really comes down to it…


I want you all to think about this. What are the first thoughts that come in your head when you are preparing a meal or when you are going to a restaurant to have dinner? If you are making a conscious change in your life to be healthy, is it being met with resistance? Are you causing the resistance? Are you complaining that you have to eat “healthy”? Do you have a relationship with food that is one of comfort and now that you want to change your habits do you think the comfort will disappear? Just think about that.

One of the first things you get to do when changing your lifestyle is seeing what’s happening NOW when you eat food or when you do or don’t exercise. Take notice of what is happening when you eat food and the type of food you’re eating. Recognize what happens when you exercise and then what happens when you don’t. If your experiences with food and exercise are constantly being met with resistance, don’t you think that will make the journey that much harder?

A Change In Lifestyle, Banana, Diet

Controlling your life is a very powerful thing. Controlling your mind is a very powerful thing. There is a possibility to live to be over 100 years old. We’ve seen it. It happens. Majority of the time those people have lived healthy lives, and not just from food and exercise alone. We can assume that across all areas of their life it was healthy.

On this blog, we are going to discuss a variety of topics of healthy living, but the main one is taking control of your life. I want you to think about the pros and even the “cons” you make up about being healthy. Is what you are eating or doing really matching up to having an overall healthy lifestyle? Are you treating yourself the way your body, mind and soul should should be treated? If not, make a conscious decision TODAY to make that change. Tell yourself NO MORE.

Take control.Remote Control, Button, Tv, Press

And let me tell you, it’s not easy. Especially in this day and age. That’s why I created this blog. I want to have a discussion and conversation about healthy living in this century. There have been so many changes in the health realm and I am sure there are more to come. I want to have an open conversation about questions you may have and how I can help you. One of my goals is to make the world a healthier place. We have a lot of work to do. A healthier population I dream of having is one that creates love and happiness as well.

This blog is for you. And I am here to help you take control of your health.

Comment and answer the questions I had throughout the post. What comes up with healthy living that maybe you need help with? Tell me what topics you’re interested in and what you want to discuss. What do you want to hear from Ctrl + Alt + Del-EAT?

Let’s have a conversation!

Be healthy,

Coach T.

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