[Alt] Time for Change.

If there was an opportunity today to change your life and have it exactly the way you wanted it in one secondย …would you take it?

I assume that many of you reading this would say yes. But let’s think about it. Sometimes we confuse the opportunity of changing our life in one second with having it happen in one second. For example, there are many job opportunities, right? But we still have to apply to get that job. The opportunity to change your life and the way you live it is HERE! RIGHT NOW. The moment you woke up with air in your lungs to breathe, life gave you the opportunity.

Healthy living is a consistent process of change. It is a way to continuously grow and develop your healthiest self. Just as in the previous post where YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER, the controller has the power to make the change. You have the power to take a conscious effort to change your health. It is time to APPLY to the opportunity of healthy living. I would even argue that this “job” is way more important to apply for and succeed.

What you will hear me mention in this blog often is that it is not easy. It takes commitment and hard work. But it is absolutely possible! You can start to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself with even the smallest of changes. Eliminating sodas from your diet, adding more vegetables to your diet, eliminating unhealthy fast food choices, increasing physical activity time, etc.

So try this: On your wheel of life (see previous post: Control [Ctrl] Your Health.) see how you can make simple changes in each category to help you improve your health. It’s not always just about the diet or the exercise. Changing your life also includes changingย how your mind works. Mindfulness is a term that is becoming more often heard and we will talk about that on this blog. But, to begin this health journey ย you have to change your mind and believe that you can get this done and that you are capable of doing it!

A healthy, active body and a mind free of anxiety and worries are the first steps to happiness! :D


Focus your energy on building the NEW and don’t fight what has already happened in the past. It’s done! Get over it! MOVE. ON. Easier said than done right? Well, I am here to support you through any struggles you may have. It’s definitely part of the reasons I am beginning my health coaching journey. So please, do not give up! Keep building. I’ll be here!

Be Healthy,

Coach T



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