Now it is time to remove what you don’t need in your life and add what you DO need!

Remove bad habits, remove “bad” or toxic people, remove negative thoughts, remove those excuses and circumstances you like to fall back on. Remove it all.

Now it is time to create a new way of living in full, optimal health. Your life depends on it. Literally.


It is so important that you recognize what you should delete in your life. The more you realize that most of what we have in our lives, we actually create ourselves, so you should be really excited to take on creating a healthy life! I mean you have the opportunity to try so many things and actually enjoy it!

In my opinion, a healthy life equals a happy one. One that is loving, positive, motivated, excited, ready and willing to go the distance. I challenge YOU my reader to get out there and do it. And if you need some help, ask for it, go find it, put yourself out there!

When I say Del-EAT, I say that because you can still enjoy the foods you love. And guess what?! You can still enjoy food in general! You are eliminating and removing that which you KNOW is not good for your body or for your health. Don’t look at it as if you are completely eliminating everything tasty from your life. Healthy can be tasty! There are alternatives! There are many ways of getting it done! You just have to be open and willing to do so.

Take a look at what is in your fridge right now to eat and make a list. Then track the receipts of fast food restaurants you visited and see what you ordered–add that to the list. Did you make a decision to help your body or to hurt it? Next, see what you can delete from the fridge and from your fast food order. After you’ve done that, think about what you can add to improve or change what you’re doing now then implement it!

So, first delete and then EAT.


That is what it’s all about.

Ctrl + Alt + Del-EAT.

Coach T

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