Progress NOT Perfect

Progress not perfect,

Progress not perfect,

Progress not perfect.

This small mantra is one that I repeat to myself before every workout, during every workout and after every workout I complete. Because, hey I get discouraged–SURPRISE!! It is so easy to get caught up on social media pages staring aimlessly at the fitness models’ bodies wishing you looked like them. Believe me it happens more regularly than I want to admit. However, I continue to remind myself that not everything is as it seems. When it comes to social media you can add lighting, filters, angles, editing, and dare I say surgery to create the perfect picture. So the stories that I continue to tell myself of not being strong enough, not being fast enough, not being “fit” enough do not serve me. I remind myself that I am stronger than yesterday, I am faster than yesterday, and I am one step closer to my goal than I was yesterday.

Extra Mile

Β “Progress not perfect“.

I am a constant work in progress. As we all are. I am constantly and consistently working on improving my health and taking steps forward to go that extra mile. My journey started when I was able to fully engage and focus on exercise after my heart surgery. Prior to my surgery, I was diagnosed with a disorder called Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome. This had been a problem for me since I was very young, where my first extended hospital episode was at 10 years old, having to be airlifted to another hospital and cardioverted (Pads on chest with an electrical shock) three times. So, needless to say for my entire childhood, teenage years, and a good majority of my 20’s I was unable to really function without medication, regular check ups, and careful monitoring.

Once I was able to exercise after a successful surgery (third times a charm), I started off very slowly doing minor exercises like brisk walking and short home workouts so I could really get back into what a ‘normal’ fast heartbeat felt like without feeling like my heart was jumping out of my chest. My first year was slow and not really focused. Year two post surgery I picked up a little more and really enjoyed this “workout” thing and continued with my home workouts yet, stayed away from the gym. Fast forward to 2016/2017, I really got in tune of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be and how I wanted to live a healthy life. I made a decision to challenge myself and really go for it. Now I go to the gym, lift weights, practice yoga, pilates, dance, kickboxing and experiment with all different types of exercises.


As I continue to progress through this journey, I am excited to see where this leads. While working on my health coaching certification, I am even more enthusiastic to help others realize that their journey is a path OF progress and not a path TO perfection. Ultimately you must love yourself as you are before thinking anyone or anything else can satisfy that feeling for you.

So yeah, I probably will go back to Instagram pages and “wish” I had that person’s body or physique. I mean, let’s be honest–I am. Yet, the majority of those true fitness personas actually worked to get there. And I mean WORKED. So imagine where I will end up if I keep working too. I invite you to follow me on this journey. Better yet, join me.Β 


Just remember, “Progress not perfect”.


Be Healthy,

Coach T

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