Soooo…it’s been a while.

From hurricanes to personal life occurrences, September was a month of ups, downs, and in-betweens. Needless to say, getting through the month was incredibly difficult for me and I found myself off my “game”, lost with no routine and feeling stuck.

Yes, I was there. A place where we all may have been at some point before. We start off strong, ready, motivated, excited, and then…LIFE happens. And not just small glitches of life, but major “routine-shifting-where-the-hell-do-I-go-from-here” life. September was that moment for me. Not to mention I celebrated a 27th birthday in the midst of it all.

Sometimes when you feel stuck, it’s because the motivation and drive you had has dwindled. You don’t feel into it because life is hitting you so hard it just doesn’t make you excited anymore. That’s how I felt. I was so attached to how I was feeling I lost focus on what I was originally committed to. I let my emotions, my doubts, my fears, and my mind take over. I was digging my own “victim” poor me, why me hole. And you know what, it felt comfortable. It was easy. It was completely opposite of what I had been doing weeks prior and I liked it.

And then I told myself to STOP.Β I snapped back, or out of it rather. I re-focused and I shifted my emotions to focus towards my purpose. Why did I begin what I was doing in the first place? I had a purpose and a commitment to my health that I couldn’t let feelings get in the way of. I had to get uncomfortable again. I had to climb out of the hole. Moment to moment, day by day, bit by bit.

Our mind is a powerful tool. Our mouth is almost its equal. What I thought to myself and what I told myself determined whether or not I was going to get out of that hole. It determined whether or not I was going to keep climbing. It was my mind that gave me the willpower to get back to my commitment. My commitment was outside of the comfortable hole. I told myself that I was on a mission and I wouldn’t stop. I believed that I could, so I did.


Now, here I am 2 weeks out from completing the first round of my 12-week LiveFit program feeling amazing. I cannot believe it, only 2 weeks left!! I wanted to take the time to write something that hopefully you all could connect with. I wanted to remind you all to be mindful of what you tell yourself on a daily basis. I believe one of the strongest parts of our body is our brain. The will to keep going, the will to become un-stuck all begins in there. It can change your entire perspective. It can change your entire life. So keep climbing out of that hole, the results you want awaits you on the outside.

Be Healthy,

Coach T


2 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. Tiffany this is very inspirational and motivating. I will make part of my daily motivational reading. Love you 😘


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