Quick Tips for Holiday Eating

Yup, it’s that time of the year when everyone is stressing about holiday food 🍗, counting calories, family questionnaires like “When are you getting married”? 🙄 , calculating grades before the semester ends 😩, Black Friday deals 💸, Christmas specials 💳 and a whole list of things.

I know. It can be overwhelming,

So, here’s something short and sweet to combat those feelings of anxiety when it comes to your holiday meals.

  1. Portion Control!
    • Divide your plate proportionally. Try to not load up on everything. Select a few dishes that you really want to eat this holiday season and arrange them proportionally on your plate. One scoop versus two scoops make a big difference between 1000 and 2000 calories.
  2. Seconds are okay…if you’re ready.
    • Make sure you’re not jumping into a second plate before your food has even properly digested. Be aware of your fullness level when you’ve had enough. Don’t force yourself to eat what is left on the plate if you’re maxed out. Eat with your stomach, not your eyes.
  3. Take Your Time!
    • Try not to rush when you’re eating. Enjoy this moment you have whether you are alone or even with loved ones. You are more likely to eat less than you thought when you slow down! Put the fork down in between bites and CHEW your food!
  4. Be MINDFUL-Don’t Stress!
    • It all goes back to being aware and present when you’re eating what’s in front of you. Listen to your body and give yourself some time to really enjoy the food. Stressing over how many calories you’re eating is not only taking you away from enjoying your food, it is also taking you away from the present moment. One dessert isn’t going to kill you. Enjoy  your holiday meals!

These tips are nothing new or groundbreaking, however recognizing and practicing them will help improve your overall health gains and hopefully give you tools to combat the doom-perceived buffet line. As always, HOW you eat is a key role in your progress. Remember, it’s better to have an honest, fulfilling and satisfying relationship with your food than a fearful, dishonest, and hurtful one. (REVISIT: So, I’m in a new relationship)

Enjoy your food, don’t punish your body for it.


Happy Holidays!

Coach T

Your Health Coach

One thought on “Quick Tips for Holiday Eating

  1. Tiffany this is very good and informative. How can you share this information to get more reach by all and also to target obese people?



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