Leave Space on Your Vision Board

So, 2018 is here. Yay! How’s it going so far? How are those goals holding up? What about that vision board you created? Or are you late to the vision board bandwagon like I am?

Admittedly I have not created a vision board for this year and I’ve never really had one. I do plan on creating something that can be my anchor for the year and vision boards are a great tool. Vision boards can be used as a positive mirror for your overall goals, dreams, and the direction you want to take your life. Vision boards are an easy visiual tool to keep you connected to what you want.

Now, the reason I say to leave space on your vision board is because I believe that sometimes the things listed that we want keep our ideas closed off to the possibliity of what can enter our lives. We look at our vision as something that has to be concrete, set in stone, no mess-ups! However, if we leave an open sesction or blank space, I think we leave it open to greater things we can’t even imagine. Leaving space on your vision board leaves a space of possiblity. It leaves a space of the unknown where crazy things can and may happen.

This year a lot of people in my circle are in a stage of creating, building and growing. It is an exciting time where we are taking steps that can change the course of our life and the lives of others. But, what if we were to leave a little bit of space for the unknown? What if we could leave a section open in our lives to allow the world to work in our favor and not know what that looks like? Scary, right? Exciting too.

So here is my challenge to you: If you’ve completed your board already, that is awesome! I want you to add one of these words somewhere on your board, even if you have to write it in. POSSIBILITY. UNKNOWN. MAGIC.Β Now if you’re like me and you haven’t created your board, I want you to leave a space on your board, no matter the size. Leave it blank and empty. I want this space to be a daily reminder of the exciting possibilities that may enter your year.

Happy New Year!

Coach T

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