Stop The “AB-Session” Obsession

How many times do you hear people say that they’re working out so they could have flat abs? Or I’ve been working out forever and I still don’t have abs. Well, hate to break it to ya hun, abs take time (sometimes more than you think), it takes work work work work **Rihanna voice**, patience and guess what… they STILL may not even happen!

Whuuut??! 😳

Yes I’m serious. 😲

While I’m not here to discourage you or drive you away from your goals, I’m actually challenging you to refocus your energy on something else. How about setting your goal to build and develop a stronger core? That way, the way you eat and the way you exercise are not so “body area” specific but it actually encourages you to think about the overall benefits you can gain. A strong core actually improves many areas of your body NOT just allowing you the potential to develop bad ass abs. Did you know that you could have a really strong core and not even have a 6-pack?! 😱 yup.

Your pre-conceived idea of how you want to look should not restrict you or scare you away in your work towards it. Often times people are so focused on their abs that they refuse to enjoy their food! Or sometimes having abs becomes such an obsession that it eventually turns into a problem. And we don’t want you to get there, especially me.

You may be the type of person to perform a whole ab day at the gym or at home, only to look in the mirror tomorrow to continue to be disappointed. Listen, it’s okay. You may not see the progress right away, actually to be honest you won’t see it right away. Like I said—time is your friend. When you appreciate the time it will take and the process and changes you will have to go through, your relationship with the process will be easier.

If you’re not setting your goals to mirror LOVE for yourself and your body regardless of how that may look—you’re setting this up all wrong. The first step is making sure that your image of yourself NOW and the image of yourself POST goals add up to the same person who is proud of their accomplishments regardless of the outcome. Because you did it. You followed through and you made it. So keep going.

So if you want to keep going for the abs, keep going for the abs. But don’t let the abs be the only thing that you’re going for.

Love your health,

Coach T

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