Good Morning Challenge

Gooooooooood morning!!! ☀️


Hm, not quite a morning person are you? Yeah, me either. Wellllll, that’s not entirely true. The truth is I just really enjoy my comfy bed, great sheets, and just good ole sleep. Although my preference and tendency is to work late at night, if I set up my day properly from the beginning technically I am a morning person too! And you!


I found this post on IG last week and thought it gave really great and easy routine ideas for those who may struggle to get their morning started. I’ve personally incorporated all of these suggestions into my mornings at some point. Now, of course, every morning is different and I didn’t say that I successfully complete these every morning, but when it comes to my personal routine and what gets me grounded for setting up a good day is making sure that I set up a good routine.


So to my fellow IG/FB/Interweb followers—I want to pose a challenge to you guys! How about next week you choose just ONE thing from this list to incorporate into your morning routines. Every day. I’ll be documenting (posts, pics, writing, etc.) for a week what I’m going to do and you should too! And at the end of the week, I would LOVE to hear your feedback on how it went!


I’ll be posting this mini-challenge on the blog as well, so keep up with me there too! I’ll be sure to leave comments about my day and document here and on my Snapchat how the week is going! Feel free to leave your comments under my blog post and share with others what you’re doing!


Believe me, although I’ve been doing this for a while, sometimes it’s still a challenge! So let’s get through this together! Starting on MONDAY! Which one will you choose? Comment below! Tag a friend to join in who always says “I’m not a morning person”. I’ll be making sure to hold you guys accountable for the whole week!!

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One thought on “Good Morning Challenge

  1. Day one went very well this morning I woke up at 5:30 AM despite going to bed later than expected. Before I turned on the lights I decided to complete a 10 minute morning meditation using the Insight Timer app.

    Afterwards, I then completed a five-minute journaling session with the Bible app. I am currently following two great plans that really support me in the time needed at the moment.

    I got up and proceeded to put on a pot of boiling water for my eggs and also water for my chamomile tea for the morning. The total time of my routine was about 15 to 20 minutes obviously not counting the time it took me to get ready before work. But as I got to work I felt more energized! I also did not feel as tired as I would have irregardless of the amount of sleep that I received the previous night. I didn’t even have a cup of my deliciously brewed coffee!!

    Overall the day felt very productive and went by very quickly. I’m excited to see how Tuesday turns out because Monday was off to a great start!


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