Reflections: After-The-Fast

So, I made it!

I did it. 21-days.

Today’s post will give an overall reflection of my fast, what I felt, what I discovered and why everyone should take a step away from those things that potentially hold them back.

So I went on a 21-day fast during the month of March leading up to Easter Sunday (April 1st). My fast was from social media (Instagram and Facebook specifically), unnatural sugars, coffee, no alcohol, and even Netflix/TV. Now, this may sound impossible but by the end of week 2, it became a natural feeling. Now at the end of my entire fast, day 21 just feels like the norm.

During the first week, it was actually really really tough! The fact that I told my body that ‘we’ were going to make these changes, it automatically went into defense mode. Defense mode meant craving everything under the sun in terms of food and entertainment! I am not even a person that craves sweets, but boy oh boy, did the first week present me with a challenge! I wanted everything from donuts to those amazing looking pastries at Panera Bread. Eventually as the days went on, I learned to function and live without the need of coffee and depended on hot tea or warm water for my morning and afternoon ‘fixes’. I made sure that my bedtimes were as consistent as possible knowing that I wouldn’t be able to rely on my morning caffeinated pick-me-up. I ensured that my meals throughout the day provided me lots of energy versus drained me because obviously, that wouldn’t allow me to function nor would it allow me to make it to the gym either.

Now the reason I stepped away from social media and Netflix was due to my need to FOCUS! Yes, I do love posting on social media, interacting with people, seeing what is going on in other’s “lives” and I love watching my Netflix shows, however, it became more of a tool of a distraction rather than a method of productivity. Similarly to my last reason for fasting from social media the same circumstances were showing up. Personally, for me, there was envy, annoyance, questioning of truths, boredom, loneliness, and ego just to name a few. These feelings all came up because I began to question myself and I needed time to re-group and take a moment to step away from it all. I am glad I did. The past 21-days have been a great period of self-reflection. This time not only provided me with moments of clarity but it also allowed me to be present and in the now of life. When you are scrolling aimlessly in a world of pictures, images, and captions that may look nothing like your life, you may feel as if you’re not doing enough. I have come to realize I am doing my best, I am doing enough and I will continue to aim for more.

I also fostered deeper relationships with people who were in my life, but during this time there was a sense of deeper connection once the background noise and filters were removed. I love this. I was able to have conversations about life, love, fun, and so much more. It was a time that I met other people, a time to connect with other people and a time to grow with other people while also growing myself.

I am grateful that I was able to take myself on during this 21-day fast. I honestly wasn’t sure I was making the right decision to do this, especially making the decision to do this all at once. But I am excited to be back with a new state of mind and sense of self.

In every opportunity you have, be sure to take a step back and recognize what things may have a hold on your life. What is in your space that you can eliminate or clean up to start fresh. It’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to say no to things and have people look at you “weird”. It’s always in your best interest to look out for yourself and what is best for you. So I give you this task, choose one thing that you can promiseย  YOURSELF to do that you will add to your life. And don’t choose something that is extreme. Try walking in the park or on the beach every weekend. Try dancing in your living room for 30 minutes every Wednesday. Try learning a new language you’ve always wanted to. Choose something that is enjoyable for you while eliminating something that is not serving you and begin to notice how your life may change.




If you’ve fasted during this season or if you have fasted before in general– let me know how it went! What do you think in your life that has a hold on you that you are ready to let go for a little while? Comment below and let me know!

Be Healthy,

Coach T


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