Break Your Sound Barrier

Just before you break through the sound barrier, the cockpit shakes the most. – U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager.

So have you ever heard of this Chuck Yeager guy? Well, he is not just any guyย or any pilot. He was the first person to successfully break the sound barrier. And do you know what that means?! Yup, SONIC BOOM! Many pilots had attempted this challenge before, however, there were major concerns when approaching the barrier and it was deemed to be “impenetrable”. Several pilots who attempted to break the barrier even lost their lives in the process.

Let me set the scene of how pilots describe the moments as they approach the barrier: Approaching the field closest to the speed of sound is similar to entering a field of unknown territory. The harsh buffering feels as if the plane will rip apart. The ‘body’ of the jet swings violently from side to side. The aircraft becomes out of control due to the amount of turbulence. Unable to recover in time or eject themselves from the plane, pilots frequently crashed and burned.ย 

So imagine all of that. You’re in a very tight space, you and the plane. It is shaking violently back and forth, losing control, systems shutting down, but then it happens. You break it. You break the sound barrier. That “impenetrable” field was broken! You’re on the other side.

Now, what if you applied this idea to your life?

How often do you get so close to the point of breaking, losing control or giving up that you miss your sonic boom? You miss that miraculous moment of successfully penetrating the field and simply coasting. The exciting thing I would imagine about this expereince would be how it would feel AFTER breaking that barrier. Can you imagine the relief Yeager must have felt knowing that he survived a successful experiment? After Yeager broke through the barrier, it was a calm and smooth ride. It was as if he was simply coasting. Time had slowed and he was okay.

Imagine that the idea you want to create is on the other side of the sound barrier. The tests, the marketing, advertising, interviews, minor successes, major failures and whatever else for your idea is parallel to all of the aircrafts and pilots and test flights that came before Yeager. You will continuously have barriers to break within yourself to create that idea and build that idea…that is IF you are willing to go there. Your life may be a continuous galaxy of pending sonic booms….that is IF you are willing to go there.

I want to encourage you all to seek your sonic boom! I want you to know that when times are the hardest and it seems that you may have lost control in your life, it is at this moment, the moment before you are getting your break, I assure you it will shake the hardest. Your anticipation leading up to the barrier will get your heart pumping, your hands sweaty,ย  you may have no idea what will happen next, but are you willing to take that risk and keep going? Are you willing to push yourself and vigorously charge toward your sonic boom? Or will you just coast along and enjoy the ride and never experience a breathtaking moment?

My message is simple: Wake up with a sense of purpose and commitment to your life to finally break your sound barrier. Your sonic boom awaits.

Be Healthy,

Coach T

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