“So What Made You Change Your Mind”?

The timing of this question my co-worker asked me as we were leaving work today was right on time for what I wanted to discuss on my post. It started out with a discussion about my favorite blue blazer I’ve had since high school. This blazer was a part of my wardrobe during a week-long pre-med interest seminar I went to in the 11th grade hosted at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Emory U, among a few others, was my medical dream school. And I was certain from this seminar that I wanted to be a Medical Doctor. So why did I change my mind to not go to medical school, PA school, or keep pushing toward the Doctor/Physician life?

Well, many factors played in to this decision and admittedly not getting into ANY of the 11 schools I applied for was one of them. Yes. I applied for 11 schools and did not get into any one of them. Oh well. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Now some of you may assume that embarrassing rejection was the main reason I didn’t continue my Doctor pursuits. Nah, not it. As incredibly discouraging as the rejection was, I still made an effort to take extra classes and even begin my work as a medical assistant in the meantime while in school. What I did know for certain however was that being in public health was my top priority. No matter what field of medicine I was going to pursue it had to have a public health component attached to it.

I had learned early on that the way healthcare was offered in not only America but in other countries I had studied was not being utilized to the best that it could be. Growing up in The Bahamas, reading books, studying cultures and learning more about public health all helped build on my PHP (public health passion). Fast forward five to six or so years later now as a master of public health professional I am more certain than ever that the work that I wish to pursue is my purpose.

For some reason being an Anthropology major in college probably meant to others that you (or I) was taking the easy way out in order to graduate. To me, being an Anthropologist meant exploring multiple environments or cultural groups and discovering what different ideas, topics, beliefs, and practices mean to them and their community. For me this meant that I had an opportunity to learn more of what being healthy really meant to these groups.

I wanted to do more for people outside of the hospital or clinic walls and really showcase how being healthy is not so streamlined as we think. Please hear me out when I say that this post is not meant to minimalize or marginalize the work of Physicians. I work with them every day and I have been working with them since I was 10 years old when I battled my own medical conditions. Doctors have saved my life on multiple occasions. I admire them and I thank them for their work in the field. But I also see the way of health care being shifted in the wrong direction. I see the heavy reliance on medication, quick fixes and easy pill solutions. My goal is to create a shift where your health care BEGINS at home and not at the Doctors office. Where Doctors become the supplements and not pills or powders.

I knew that for some reason what I wanted to do had to be examined from all areas of life. This is why I am so passionate about public health. To be in a career where you have the ability to impact the health of not only individual lives but communities to create a healthier environment is something that I am all about!

So what made you change your mind”?

Well to sum it up…

I want to talk to people for more than 20 minutes without my farewell greeting being “Take this medication” or “See you in 6 months”. I want to sit down and learn about fears and doubts. I want to know if your environment is not safe enough for you to ride a bike. I want to know if you even have access to a bike. I want to know if you are afraid to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. I want to know if your inability to lose weight is because you don’t believe in yourself. I want to know if you think of food as the enemy because you find that it’s the only comfort in your life and you hate yourself for it.

So what made you change your mind”?

I changed my mind because I want to help you change yours.

Coach T 💜


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