Even Jordan Had an Off-Season

“Don’t Call It A Comeback “

I mean I’m no Michael Jordan (obviously) but when I tell you this summer has been one long intense season, believe me, it has. It seems as if this summer had a common theme for most of my friends and family. The universe must have shifted or titled upside down or something because I was definitely not alone in feeling this way. So, let me give you a quick review of what has been happening on my side of things.


From June until August, life has been a total whirlwind. At my 9-5 job, we had a little shake-up” within the department and well, pretty much life went from 0 to 60 in about 2 weeks to ensure that our program was set back on track. This meant early mornings, long hours, late nights, frustrated co-workers, and consistent days of preparation, re-evaluation and praying that we still had jobs at the end of it all. During that 3-month period my workouts halted, my posts stopped, my coaching stalled, and my life was completely focused on the JOB. By the first week of July, I barely had enough energy to push out one decent 30-minute workout. I was eating like crap. I was sleeping like crap. I felt completely drained. I was done. 😩 Fast forward to today and thankfully the department is still afloat and I’m still alive. **sings Hallelujah** πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Major decisions for our programs are still pending, but at least we are active and moving forward toward better tomorrows.

During this entire summer, I was incredibly unhappy that I could not dedicate the time I wanted to focus on my health coaching work. I had major announcements lined up and so many exciting ideas I wanted to share with you all. It was so frustrating that all of my energy and brainpower was being expended on the “job job” and I felt as if I was neglecting my other love. Everything else stopped. πŸ›‘

However, I had to recognize that even the greats (like MJ) had an off-season. They had a time where they actually gave themselves an opportunity to say “Ok, you did some hard work during the season. You actually deserve a break”. They even had seasons where it was long, intense and a lot of upsets, but they survived. This, at the time, was very difficult for me to understand and accept. To be honest, I’m still slightly frustrated by it. I couldn’t really grasp why this was happening and during the summer of all periods?! Seriously. You couldn’t ease up in the summer?! But I had to realize that this was happening all for my good.

And now, as you can see, I AM BACK!! πŸ˜ƒ I see this as a great learning lesson for me and I wanted to share with you as well. When life gets overwhelming or difficult, it’s OK for us to have a moment to just BE. What you or I do or don’t do, does not define or qualify us in any particular category. Just because I may not be as present for others to see, I know that what I am going through is for my own personal benefit and no one else. I knew that after such an “eventful” time at the office, I would need to really recover and reboot. An over-heated computer eventually shuts down to cool off. That is exactly what my mind and my body did after this crazy season. August 1st was the goal. And I made it. πŸ’ͺ🏾

Now I have been using the month of August as the time to re-integrate myself into a routine that works for me. As I continue to transition into my new role at the job, as well as getting back into the gym, writing my posts, giving health advice with coaching, being present on social media and living the life I want, I am working to ensure that I am not so hard on myself when I can’t be πŸ’― every day. I recognize that off-seasons do exist and it all depends on how you show back up for the next game.

Don’t call it a comeback.

The new season begins NOW!

Coach T

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