While I was home for the Christmas holiday I took a walk on the beach like always. Yet, as I took my walk on the beach this time, I was drawn so powerfully to the word BALANCE. The ebb and flow of the water, in and out from land to sea, flowing in between rocks and sand I knew this word was meant for me. I felt it. Last year was challenging, yet incredibly gratifying. I saw myself as so much more powerful than I had been before. Not only was 2018 a humbling experience, it also allowed me to grow more into my true self.

Focusing on the word balance this year means that I get to choose where and what I put my effort and time into for the next 365 days. I was “off-track” last year for the goals I anticipated, yet I was directly “on-track” for where God was leading me to be. I am excited to seek balance just like the waves of an ocean. When times get rough, I move with it. When times are calm, I move with it. I get to learn how to master the art of balance. I get to flow and move with the motions and hectic times of life. I know that this will not be easy which is exactly why I am choosing the word. I want to live it, embrace it, and practice it every day.

When it comes to our health, balance is so important. It can improve the wellness in our lives so greatly if only we listened to ourselves and our bodies. Balance is not deprivation or punishment. It should not be forced and unstable. Balance should be smooth and tranquil. We should flow in all that we do. The way we move, speak, eat, and sleep.

So, I encourage you to chose a word this year that will allow you to be challenged and that will drive you to a prosperous and blessed 2019.

I end 2018 and begin 2019 a stronger version of myself. I continue to be abundant in my life and now welcome balance. Ying and Yang. Give and Receive. Yes and No. Balance.

So, what will your word be?



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