I am a Health Coach – Part II

Flashback to February 2018 I made a post on Instagram explaining who I was as a coach. It was a post that marked the first step I was taking to “reveal” to the world that I was an official health coach. Shortly thereafter, well, life did it’s life thing and things got a little more interesting. I was dealing with a really really bad break-up, work presented some major changes and it just seemed that a lot of different parts in my life became uncomfortably uncertain. And 2018 didn’t let up. The rest of the year seemed as if it were following the same path. Uncomfortable. Uncertain. Unknown. December 31 couldn’t get here fast enough.

So, instead of coaching others..I took it upon myself to coach, well..myself. I figured if I didn’t or couldn’t make the time to involve anyone else in my coaching plans, let me focus on myself.

For the past 2 years, I developed and engaged myself in different ways of being. I read and studied different ways of living and being healthy. I listened and learned from some of the best in business (in my opinion). I coached myself through ups and through downs. I coached others around me with and without knowing it. I coached family and friends. I pretty much did what I wanted to do but on a much more personal level. I got personal with my coaching and my self.

And here I am now a quarter way in 2019 feeling really good about the progress I’ve made in my SELF coaching life. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I have gone through periods of doubt and worthiness conversations. I have been in periods of month long slumps with no motivation or vigor. I have had many days of questioning myself as to if I was really “good enough” compared to other people. I have had periods of power and strength. I have had periods of self talk and personal prayer to climb myself out of rough places. Overall, the past three years have provided some of the most impactful moments so far in my life. I felt as if I have overcome and grown so much. And yet, it is not even close to being over.

Although there will always be moments of uncertainty, I have created the necessary tools and conditions in my life to where I can combat those moments. I have been able to recognize those moments and begin to shift them. Measuring the progression I have had over the last several years makes me so proud of myself. This did not begin 3 years ago, but much earlier when I decided and committed to change. I am in a space where I am confident in my ability to help others get to a point in their lives where they are ready to shift. And with time major progress can be made.

I am a Health Coach.

I am a health coach who has personally been through things that she has had to coach herself out of. I am a health coach who has felt like not going to the gym but pushed herself to go anyway. I am health coach who has learned to love her body despite what the world says about it. I am a health coach who has learned that food is fuel and should not be shameful. I am a health coach that understands this sh-t is hard, but it can be done. I am a health coach that secretly wants to be at my 5-year goal today even though I am just getting started.

I want you all to know and recognize that I understand. Believe me, I get it. This health and wellness thing is a constant and consistent work in progress. However, having a coach on your side and having someone to hold you accountable and figure out what is going on can make all the difference.

I am a Health Coach and I am here to help. Follow me on Instagram if you’re not already! And if you’re interested in working with me and ready to make that shift, visit my contact page! 💜

-Be Healthy, 

Coach T

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