Master of Habit Change. Student of Life. I am a Health Coach.

A Master of public health graduate who has always been passionate about community health and wellness. My goal is to continue providing knowledge and support to others that lead people to an overall healthier lifestyle. With several years’ experience working in culturally diverse clinics and environments as healthcare support, I am excited to utilize my knowledge and experience to foster impactful community health education, re-build healthy communities, improve health policies and create programs geared toward public assurance of quality healthcare for all.ย 

As a health and wellness coach, I take it upon myself to bridge the gap between my clients’ goals and their ultimate results. I enjoy working with individuals who are ready to change their lifestyle not only to improve their health, but to improve all aspects of their lives. I work with persons who want more in their life and are ready to work toward being, feeling, and seeing their best self.ย 

I truly love what I accomplish during my consultation and coaching sessions. We uncover what has been stopping you from reaching your goals and build the pathway to get you to your results. Your coaching sessions are more than what you can get done but WHO you can become in the process. I cheer you on and I challenge you. I am committed that my approach to health coaching will impact communities of hundreds to thousands of people to fulfill my ultimate vision–a healthier and happier world. Healthy life = Healthy connections!

My passion and love for community service and my previous involvement in multiple research programs which mirror my love for education, children, adolescents, and women all drive me in my work.ย 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and any inquiries you may have. Book your strategy intro session TODAY! I hope to work with you soon!

Be Healthy!

Coach T

Call/Text: 754-702-7891 | Email:ย


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