Commit to 2020

January. You have once again been another seemingly extra long month to kick off this new year of 2020. Most of us may already feel exhausted and we still have 11 more months to go! At the end of last year, 2020 was and still is a BIG DEAL for many people. I mean we survived another decade and for some 2020 was a way to look at this new decade as a complete reset. Almost everyone has their 2020 VISION mantra or theme they get excited for. I also noticed or felt as if a lot more people were revved up and ready to go with their goals and aspirations. It has been both moving and inspiring. So now what?

As we move forward in month 2 of 12 tomorrow (February 1st) what does your commitment look like in 2020? What I mean is, that thing that you want to do — whatever it is — how will you remain focused to achieve those goals? What makes your goal SO important that no matter what happens you will always continue moving forward on your journey to win?

Take a moment, close your eyes if you would like and imagine in your mind the strongest, mightiest tree trunk planted in the ground. Envision the size of the trunk, the length of its roots underneath, the strength. That is your base. That is your commitment. That is what will hold firm and unwavering to the ebb and flow of life happenings. Your tree trunk is secure and deep in the ground with roots to latch into the Earth. The roots grip into the soil to remind you that, ‘You are HERE‘.

green tree photoYour branches that begin to develop and grow from the trunk are allllll the different ways you can get to each goal. As the branches continue to grow, some bend and some break. Some branches may take longer to develop. Yet you keep going because the strength of your trunk (your WHY) remains. As you continue to grow and develop and remain committed, the fruit you bear symbolizes that reward. 

Therefore I ask you, what will be your tree trunk? Before we move into February take a moment to reflect on your commitments and why they exist. What will be the WHY in your life that holds and stands firmly planted in the ground? Unwavering. Consistent. Purposeful. How can you continue to grow into the version of yourself that supports who you want to be, where you want to go, and what impact you’re trying to make?

Cheers to 2020! Another decade to make -ish happen!


Coach T

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