21-Day Fast

Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we often forget it is okay to slow down, take a step back and re-group. This is why I am fasting.

Good Morning Challenge

Join in for the first of many fun coach challenges I will be featuring on my blog!

Leave Space on Your Vision Board

What if we could leave a section open in our lives to allow the world to work in our favor and not know what that looks like?

Why ‘The Tortoise & The Hare’ is the most important story for your journey.

If you learn to keep moving forward regardless of who is in front of you and who is behind you, you can win and finish the race, YOUR race.

Surprise! You’re Not Perfect.

I have constantly battled with the idea that being perfect, doing everything perfectly, having a facade of having it all together and knowing it all was the only way to be perceived as successful.


From hurricanes to personal life occurrences, September was a month of ups, downs, and in-betweens.

So, I’m in a new relationship

Forgive yourself for your choices, love yourself for your choices, and be kind to yourself.

Progress NOT Perfect

This small mantra is one that I repeat to myself before every workout, during every workout and after every workout I complete.